System Shock Remake Virus Mission Level 3: Maintenance Walkthrough

This guide goes through the Maintenance Level of System Shock Remake and shares the locations of the collectibles and key items within the level.

System Shock Remake Virus Mission Maintenance Level 3 cover

Maintenance is one of the levels that are part of the second Virus Mission of System Shock Remake. The Hacker will have to fix relays in this level in order to put a wrench in SHODAN’s plans of releasing her mutagen virus down on Earth. Read ahead as we go through the Maintenance level of System Shock Remake and share the location of the key items and collectibles that can be found in the level.

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System Shock Remake Virus Mission Level 3: Maintenance Walkthrough

When starting the Virus Mission, there is not much to be done within the Maintenance Level aside from accessing the Restoration Bay Room in the southwest. Most of the gates in this level are linked to the Executive Level and so it will require a revisit in order to explore its entirety.

Restoration Bay- First Visit

Upon arriving at Maintenance, explore the Central area and the corridors that surround it and destroy all the security cam that you encounter. It should lower the level security down to 80%, after which you can access the locked door southwest of the level. This room contains the Restoration Bay and the Cargo Lift.

Afterwards, you can explore the area that leads to the Gamma Maintenance on the south part of the level to find the Audio Log – KS-Love Dad and the TS-04 Laser Rapier which is a great melee weapon. Then, head back to the elevator and go to the Storage Level.

Diagnostic Receptacle – Second Visit, After Executive Level

After visiting the Executive Level and interacting with the Master Control, you can head back to the Maintenance Level and go to the southeast room near the elevator to the Research Labs and Reactor. Inside this room, interact with the Diagnostic Logs to get an audio log that gives a hint to use the Relay Analyzer.

Relay Analyzer: System Shock Remake Virus Mission

Relay Analyzer

The Relay Analyzer can be found on the north room just across the door from the Central elevator. You will need to input a code in it (code: 428). If you are playing in Mission Difficulty 1, you can simply proceed to the next room, otherwise you will have to find the broken relay and place the associated code in the analyzer.

Relay Analyzer Code: System Shock Remake Virus Mission
Repairing the Broken Relay

In order to find the broken relay, you will need to look into the four quadrant maintenance areas in this level. One of them will show a broken relay which should have a screen on top of it that says ERROR. This relay is associated with a code, which is usually 428. Go back to the Relay Analyzer and place this code on it.

Next, you will then have to go to the southeastern room to the right of the entrance to the Beta Maintenance to find an Interface Demodulator. Bring one and take it to the broken relay to replace the malfunctioning demodulator.

Abe Ghiran’s Head

Your next objective is to locate Abe Ghiran’s head which will be needed to get access to another room in the level. Make your way through the path to the west of the relay room, then to the south. You will find a Junction Box that has to be solved in order to open the access up ahead.

You will then arrive at the room where you can find the head. Take the head and explore the room some more to find the Audio Log – Personal Log #2 and Audio Log – Personal Log #1.

Abe Ghiran's Head: System Shock Remake Virus Mission

Next, head back to the area near the Diagnostic Analyzer and enter the locked door to the Maintenance Office; if it’s still locked, you will need to destroy more security cams to get the level security down to 45%. Past the door, use the head on the Biometric Retinal Scanner to gain access to the next room.

CPU Nodes

In this room, you will find the Environmental Protection Pack V2, Audio Log – Unleashed, Audio Log – Need CPUs, and a KF-18 Skorpion. There is also a Cyberspace Terminal that you can interface with to disable the lock of the door that leads to the CPU Nodes.

Once done, destroy the nodes in the next room and remember to take note of the number that appears on the screen afterwards.

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