Techland Dismisses Rumors of Microsoft Buyout

Rumors of a ‘buyout’ began spreading around when Techland and Microsoft had that close relationship when they worked on Dying Light 2 for Xbox. When Xbox Game Studios was in a buying spree of game studios like Obsidian Entertainment and Ninja Theory, it was rather difficult to dismiss the fact that other game studios like Techland would be acquired by Microsoft.

In a recent interview with The Escapist, Senior PR Manager Ola Sondej said that they will forever stay as an independent studio and that their relationship with Microsoft was misunderstood by some.

I think some wrong dots were connected in late 2019, and it snowballed into something larger. We work with Microsoft on a regular basis since Dying Light 2 is also being developed for Xbox One, as well as PC and PlayStation 4. Perhaps someone misinterpreted our relationship.

Techland Senior PR Manager – Ola Sondej

Sondej also added that there were a lot of potential investors that reached out to them. She said that they are not open to any acquisition or buyers as they want to stay independent in the forseable future.

We do see some interest from potential investors every now and then, but we always make it clear we are independent and will remain independent for the foreseeable future. We have no plans to enter the stock market, nor (are we) currently open to investors or potential buyers. To clarify, we were not in such talks with Microsoft.

Techland Senior PR Manager – Ola Sondej

Techland as a company can stand on its own without any publishers to do their marketing and funding. And staying independent means they have more creative freedom and no deadlines in developing games like Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 is currently under development for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.