The Callisto Protocol Update Finally Allows Skipping Death Animations

Finally able to skip all that trouble and move on.

Striking Distance Studios has recently released The Callisto Protocol update that allows a new feature that is much needed by many players.

The Callisto Protocol Update New Feature

According to the media outlet PC Gamer, The Callisto Protocol update that got released today has finally given players the ability to skip those grisly death animations in The Callisto Protocol. If you are feeling squeamish after watching your character getting squished by enemies for the millionth time, then you can now skip that animation and restart your save.

While the death animations are really short, watching Jacob Lee getting killed in different ways feels like more than 10 minutes. Just getting it over with would make gameplay faster and bearable than getting forced to watch the blood and gore for more than 5 minutes.

Healing Animation is Faster

Aside from getting the ability to skip animations, healing animation is now faster. The animation got faster thanks to the update. Jacob jabbing a stim on his neck was so slow in the game previously hence the numerous complaints. This was intentional by the studio, but it seems the complaints got too many.

Change Weapons Faster

Weapon-switching in the game is now faster. Jacob can finally fight enemies faster by switching weapons on the fly easily without lagging so much.

the callisto protocol update

The patch notes from Steam can be read here:

A new update is available for all platforms. Look for combat improvements, performance and stability fixes, localization optimizations, and general quality of life changes. We’re listening and grateful for your feedback. More to come.

The Callisto Protocol is out now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.