The Division Movie Pauses Production Due to Pandemic

No word when it will be coming back.

It was recently revealed that the upcoming The Division movie is now going into hiatus due to a certain world situation.

Speaking with media outlet DiscussingFilm, Producer Kelly McCormick revealed that the upcoming movie adaptation of The Division is now on “pause”. This is bad news for fans of The Division games as they would not be able to watch a movie adaptation of their favorite game.

When asked for the reason for the pause in production, McCormick explained that the cause of the pause is the global pandemic. When they filmed the film, it felt like they were doing a documentary.

“You know, in the sense that the story deals with this outbreak that happens in real-time, the dangers that occur, and the anxiety that it creates,” McCormick revealed. “It was like, “Whoa, this is no longer fun.” Like, we literally all just had to go through this in real life. I think we could find love for it again.”

Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain were cast in this new movie adapptation. 

No word yet when production will be continuing but for now, The Division movie.

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