The Division Resurgence to do Live Test in Select Countries

Only some countries in Western Europe can try it out.

Ubisoft has recently revealed the Live Test dates for Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence.

The upcoming free-to-play, third-person RPG shooter mobile game The Division Resurgence will be having Live Tests soon. The game will be set in a massive urban open world just like its original game on consoles and PC. The Live Test launches starting on December 8, 2022 on select Android devices for players in Western European countries.

The Live Test provides players the chance to share feedback with the development team:

•           Seven Main Missions
•           12 Side Missions
•           Three classes to choose from at the start + one that is unlocked at level 15 (so four total)
•           Four different open world activities
•           Daily + Weekly quests
•           Weekly targets
•           Dark Zone
•           Conflict mode (One map)

The Division Resurgence offers The Division experience on handheld devices. This will have a new and independent storyline set in a vast open world where they can free to roam around. The urban environment will be highly detailed with a stunning and unique perspective on key story events that have taken place in The Division and The Division 2.

the division resurgence live test

The Division Resurgence will be available on Android and iOS.

Source: Press Release