The Last Campfire By Hello Games Devs Coming Summer

the last campfire

Impressed by the dedication of work by game developers Hello Games and you want to support them? Here is your chance by checking out this upcoming new title called The Last Campfire.

The Last Campfire New Adventure Game

This new adventure title is the next project that Hello Games is hatching right now. Well, it is going to launch this coming summer and will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

The story is pretty interesting and charming in a way. It tells the story of a lost ember that is trying to find its purpose in the world. It is also trying to find his way home.

The game was actually announced way back in December 2018 at The Game Awards at that time. It was just recently that Hello Games showed some new activity of its development.

Thanks PlayStationLifestyle. Check out the official website of the game here.

Check out this latest charming trailer below: