Tons of The Last of Us Part 1 Remake Leaks Appear Online

More and more leaks appear.

New The Last of Us Part 1 Remake leaks have been spotted online and it has flooded the internet.

After a few leaks were revealed last night, more of them have now appeared online and it offers new details about accessibility options, control layout, and even a clip that claims to be from the upcoming version. It finally gives fans a first look on gameplay especially on fights.

The latest leak comes from XboxEra Co-Founder Nick Baker. He claims to have gotten ahold of a lot of shots and clips from The Last of Us Part 1 Remake and has shared them online ever since. This clip focuses on gameplay where Joel takes down a group of aggressive stragglers with a rifle, a revolver, and some stealth action.

Another leak revealed the game’s controller layout. It will include all of the expected options for melee, aim, sprint, climb, and more. Gyro aim will be supported as well, according to Baker.

Several options will be available for accessibility features just like in The Last of Us Part 2, which hosted a lot of features. According to the source that Baker got these leaks from, players will be able to adjust the game’s field of view and camera shake to cater to those who have motion sickness. There is also a color blind mode, screen magnifier, and customizable controls. It even has the option to skip puzzles and combat audio cues.

Baker claims that there will be rendering modes too like Fidelity and Performance modes. The prior offers resolution over framerate, rendering at 4K and targeting 40FPS, while the latter is set to 60FPS and has dynamic resolution.

the last of us part 1 remake

The Last of Us Part 1 Remake will launch on September 2, 2022 for PS5 and later on PC.

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