The Last of Us Part 2 Actual Download Size Under 100 GB Minimum HDD Space

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Several game reviewers already got their hands on upcoming video game sequel The Last of Us Part 2 and some of them might have even finished the game. It should have been quite the download since game studio Naughty Dog informed the public that the minimum size required for downloading the whole game is at least 100GB HDD space. Well, the truth is not far from the announcement, but it is way below it.

A redditor with a handle name A_Salient_Remedy9 recently braved the Reddit website and posted a screenshot of what seems to be download size of the upcoming game. The moderators of the subreddit have already locked the comments from further chaos, but it does not censor what the image shows. It is perfectly clear that the true download size for the game is actually 78.3GB, with 20GB+ more to spare compared to the announced minimum 100GB HDD space requirement.

There are similar cases to this actually with several PlayStation 4 games in the past. One game would not continue to download unless there is at least a 100GB HDD free space for it. The actual size of the download? More than half of the said requirement. So why do that? Experts explain that this is how the PS4 (FreeBSD) filesystem works. It needs a certain percentage of free space to not lose performance. Also it ensures that you are getting the latest version of the game so it also downloads the latest updates.

So there you have it, the actual file size of The Last of Us Part 2 in digital format. When the game is officially available for everyone, make sure to have that minimum 100GB free space. It will launch this coming June 19 exclusively on PS4.

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Source: Reddit

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