The Last of Us Became Successful Due to Passion of Dev Team

People do their best work when they're passionate about what it is they're making.

Naughty Dog Co-President and Creator of the video game The Last of Us shares what contributed to the game’s success.

Neil Druckmann recently spoke with media outlet The Washington Post to discuss the factors that contributed to the success of The Last of Us when it came out. According to the creator, when the team was working on the original game many years back (2013), he did not expect it to be successful. In fact, he did not even think that it would work as well as it had when it launched. It got the biggest fanfare when it came to every PlayStation fan’s hands.

Druckmann says that it was not just the work they have done with The Last of Us that made it launch successfully. He revealed the team was really passionate about this work and believed in it. He said that the whole studio was passionate about it and so the results were amazing.

The series creator then jumped to the sequel’s success. He did not think that another Joel and Ellie adventure would have worked well so they created another storyline which resulted in another character who is hated and liked by many fans out there.

“We made something that the team really believed in and I’m extremely proud of,” he said. “And it was extremely successful.”

“What I have learned over the years is that people do their best work when they’re passionate about what it is that they’re making,” Druckmann says.

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Passion and hard work go hand in hand to create quite an amazing result in the end. This is what made The Last of Us work well and appeal the public.