The Legend of Dragoon Update Finally Fixes Problems on Modern PlayStation Consoles

After a very disappointing launch, this new update might finally make the game playable again.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently released The Legend of Dragoon update on PS4 and PS5 after a problematic launch.

In a new post on Reddit, it was revealed that a new update was finally released and it finally fixed the major problems that the game had on launch. On Day One, the game had tons of problems like slow loading times, game crashes, visual errors, and more. One of the bugs made the game unplayable and made players stop their progress until the developers fixed the problems.

Today, the patch finally solved everyone’s problems and everyone is happy. Dragoon Magic, one of the primary causes of the game crashes, does not do that anymore. Various visual improvements were also made after those visual errors were reported. It is not unplayable anymore and fans can finally play in peace.

the legend of dragoon update

The Legend of Dragoon is out now on PS Plus Premium Classics.