The Next Call Of Duty Is Black Ops 4, A Source Claim

Just over a month ago, Marcus Sellars, a trusted person when it comes to leaks, posted on Twitter that the next entry for Call of Duty is Black Ops 4. Now, a source, someone inside the studio or publisher, has told Kotaku that it is indeed Black Ops 4.

There has been a lot of references¬†that makes our fingers point to Black Ops 4 – especially this new one. Oklahoma City Thunder, Houston Rockets NBA player James Harden was wearing a full camo outfit with a cap that closely looks like the Call of Duty Black Ops III logo but instead of “III”, it’s “IIII”. We all know the roman numeral of 4 is IV, however, this can already hint a tease coming from Activision already.

There is still no word from Activision though, but certainly, we will get some kind of announcement soon knowing there has been a lot of evidence that Black Ops 4 is indeed the next Call of Duty title by Treyarch.

Source: Kotaku