The Outer Worlds Site Gets Mysterious Pop Up Ad Teasing Story DLC

The official website of video game The Outer Worlds suddenly got a mysterious pop up about Spacer’s Choice and its weird ad.

This particular mystery pop up

It seems game developer Obsidian is giving away a tease of what they are planning soon for the popular video game. The pop up features Spacer’s Choice propaganda talking about Andrena-Time. It also has a jingle that just deepens the mystery.

It just gets weirder…

Some speculate that Obsidian is preparing a new story DLC and this is its way of giving hints to their fans. The pop-up ad could mean that Spacer’s Choice has an important or major role in this upcoming DLC. Hopefully it will be a chunky new expansion for players to enjoy with tons of new content.

The Outer Worlds is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and recently Nintendo Switch.

Check out the official website here to experience the pop up ad yourself.

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