The Super Mario Bros Movie Expected to Reach ‘Billion’ Milestone Soon

It's getting stronger by the day!

A new report confirms that The Super Mario Bros Movie is expected to pass a certain milestone since it has continued to surpass expectations.

According to Deadline, it was revealed that The Super Mario Bros Movie currently has a total worldwide gross of $678 million. $330 million of that comes from outside of North America. The ticket sales do not seem to stop and are still growing even now. Last weekend, the worldwide gross of the film was $659 million with $318 million overseas.

The media outlet pointed out that the overseas box office has just dropped 28 percent from the first weekend to the second. This is quite the feat according to them and describes it as amazing. They even said that if the movie continues to have these numbers, it is expected to get the coveted $1 billion mark.

It will be interesting to see this happen as Japan still has not seen the movie yet, so it could go beyond $1 billion when the time comes. Japan will be able to get to see it on April 28, 2023.