Developer of The Witcher 3 Vagina Mod Claims CDPR Used It Without Consent

CDPR said it was "accidentally" added with the update.

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The creator of the realistic vagina mod for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt claims that CD Projekt RED has not asked for permission to add it in the game’s next-gen update.

It was recently reported that CDPR had accidentally added a mod that would add realistic female genitalia on female monsters in The Witcher 3. This was introduced after the next-gen update was implemented.

The studio shared a statement with Kotaku in response to the unintentional addition of the mod.

“The next-gen version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt features several community-sourced mods not created by CD Projekt Red, on top of numerous enhancements created and implemented by the studio internally,” a spokesperson said. “Merging everything together was a complex process and the textures in question are an unintended result present in the release version. This is something we are working to address.”

The creator has claimed that the mod that CDPR added is an old Nexus Mods mod called Vaginas for Everyone. In a statement, they accused CDPR of including the mod without getting any permission from them. This has not been confirmed by the other party though,

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CDPR did announce previously that they have already obtained permissions from the creators of those popular mods, reimbursed them, and will be featured in the credits of the updated game. Again, this has not been confirmed yet.

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