The Witcher Fan Creates Impressive Viper Armor Set from Scratch

It took years for his latest creation to make.

A big fan of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has recently shown off his newest creation: an impressive viper armor set and he did it from scratch.

Several fans of The Witcher franchise have come forward and displayed their wondrous creations from fan art to intricate designs like this one from Reddit user SurSparkz. He has used his superior talents in designing and creating one of the most impressive replication of The Witcher 3 Viper Armor Set. What makes it more impressive is that he did it all by hand.

A little background for those who do not know about the Viper Armor Set: it is one of the five Witcher armor sets that players can acquire and craft in the game via some quests. This particular armor set, however, has the similar design as to the default armor Geralt wears in The Witcher 3.

SurSparkz is no amateur though because he has already designed a few cosplay outfits already from other games like The Legend of Zelda and DOOM. The designer revealed that this new project of his took a lot of time to make, as in years before he could perfect it. The chain mail took at least half of his time to finish, but they completed every piece of the armor from scratch. There might be cosplay photos in the future since it is currently set up on a custom mannequin.

The design of the whole set is quite intricate and close to the in-game Viper Armor Set. Even the belts, straps, and even the faded pattern on the cloth is almost the same. It also has the trophy hook, crossbow, and the two swords. Even the wolf medallion looks the same.

Impressive work SurSparkz for creating this legendary cosplay outfit of the Viper Armor Set from The Witcher 3. Hopefully there will be cosplay photos with matching makeup and wig of Geralt later on.