Timed Game Trials Reportedly Required for Devs Working for PlayStation

A big win for PS Plus Premium subscribers, a bad loss for developers.

PlayStation Communities

According to a new report, Sony Interactive Entertainment is now requiring developers to create timed game trials for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers.

Media outlet Game Developer stated in a new report that their sources say developers that are working on games that will cost $34 or more will have to make these time limited game trials if they are planning to it on PlayStation consoles. The trials versions will also have a minimum requirement too, which is at least two hours long. These game trials will be for the benefit of PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers.

Games that will cost lower that $34 or even for free will not need these timed game trials made by their developers. It will be released as is on their PlayStation Store.

Aside from the requirement of at least 2 hours long, the developers will have up to three months-time to offer the timed trial for their game. The trials will only be required to be available to PS Plus Premium users that are at least 12 months.

Well, there is some good news for the developers as these requirements will not be retroactive and will not apply to upcoming PS VR titles. The bad news is, developers will have to put a lot of time, effort, and resources to make these timed trials before releasing a game on the PlayStation Store.

SIE is also open for custom game demos instead of having these time limited trials, but there is a condition. It will only be approved by them depending on the case. Developers can still release game trials or custom demos if they want or even free weekends.

This is an absolute win for the PS Plus Premium users as they can enjoy these timed trial demos. They can freely play the game ahead of everyone else even with just a time limit. This is quite a problem for developers though.

SIE has not made any statements to confirm this new report.