Titan Quest 2 Officially Coming to Modern Platforms

Back to Ancient Greece to fight the Goddess of Retribution!

THQ Nordic and Grimlore Games have announced that the legendary Action RPG Titan Quest 2 is making a return and finally coming to modern platforms.

Titan Quest 2 Officially Announced

Today at the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase, the company has announced that the popular classic ARPG is coming back with new improvements and coming to modern platforms.

Back to Ancient Greece

Players will be immersed in the mythological realm of ancient Greece, facing unimaginable challenges, striving for exquisite loot, and combining different masteries to create unique powerful character builds.

Players have the ultimate goal of stopping Nemesis, the Goddess of Retribution herself. She has weaved malevolence into the Threads of Fate itself. Prepare yourself to challenge a deity and etch your own heroic saga.

Platforms Available

Titan Quest 2 is being developed by the German gaming company Grimlore Games. It is planned for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Press Release