Titanfall 2 Server Issues Quietly Fixed by Respawn (Update)

The sudden surge might be hinting a sudden comeback of Titanfall?

Update: New game mode added. The mode is currently called “????” on the main menu but when hovered on, its description says, “Your rockets will blot out the sun”, which references to 300/Battle of Thermopylae. This mode allows for infinite rockets so have fun!

Original post below:

Fans of the popular and well-loved 2016 FPS Titanfall 2 believe that Respawn has somehow quietly updated and fixed the server issues of the game. The game is currently enjoying a small resurgence on PC with its concurrent numbers going up.

Titanfall 2 Servers Suddenly Got Fixed?!

Earlier this month, the gaming community revealed that Titanfall 2 got a new update that reduced disconnects players would experience while searching for a match. This made online multiplayer a lot more enjoyable for everyone.

The game unfortunately had lots of issues for many years, especially with its multiplayer. It also got filled with hacks, hoaxes, and conspiracies. It was just bad luck for the fans of the Titanfall series.

Interesting to note that neither Respawn nor EA have made an announcement of this supposedly new update to Titanfall 2, but due to this, the game is now enjoying more players than before. The game currently has hit a peak of 23,234 concurrent players thus making it one of the top 100 most-popular games.

This sudden surge might not be due to the new update. The game is now on sale on Steam with 90 percent discount and will end today.

Secret Code Revealed

On another note, fans noticed that Respawn might have left a surprise or two in the recent Apex Legends patch notes that were published last week. For those who do not know, Titanfall and Apex Legends are related in many ways.

This new Easter Egg, which focuses on the Nessie mascot that originated in Titanfall, which includes three numerical codes:

Incoming Transmission…. Subject: Nessie….




According to the fans, these codes are Unix Timestamps that correspond to the release dates of Titanfall, Titanfall 2, and Apex Legends respectively. Hmm… suspicious.

Some are even sharing rumors that Titanfall 3 is in the air, but nothing solid yet. Still, these rumors have now reignited the hope of the fans that Respawn is actually planning on revealing something soon.

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