Todd Howard Agrees That It is “Hard to Imagine” Bethesda Games Limited to Microsoft Platforms Only

In a recent exclusive interview with Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls and Fallout Director Todd Howard, he shares his opinion on the possible exclusivity of their games only for Microsoft platforms.

Howard said that he agrees that that it is hard to imagine that Bethesda’s games will only be restricted to Microsoft’s platforms, which would be Windows 10 store and Xbox platforms. gave an example of upcoming video game The Elder Scrolls 6 being limited only to PC and next-gen Xbox Series X/S. He agreed that it is hard to imagine, but did not offer anything more to explain this further.

Despite the acquisition, Microsoft assured that they will still honor the previous PlayStation exclusivity deals for a few games like Ghostwire: Tokyo and Deathloop. They also said that it is up to Bethesda on where they will launch their titles in the future. They are given that freedom to do so.

Some gamers speculate that Bethesda will still release games on other platforms since they are not barred to do so, but they could do this as a timed-exclusive. Release their games first on PC and Xbox consoles and then launch it on other platforms sometime in the near future. This is the likely scenario that could happen for them since a win-win situation for everyone. Bethesda is happy, Microsoft is happy with its timed-exclusivity, and at least other platforms will get the chance to have the game at another time.

Let us just wait on how Bethesda handles this.

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