Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Rengoku Event Starts Tomorrow

the new event set in mystical Japan brings a new game mode and more additions

Rainbow Six Siege Rengoku Event Featured Image

Ubisoft has announced today that its new limited-time event for Rainbow Six Siege, Rengoku, will be available tomorrow, April 26th, 2022. The event will run until May 17th, 2022. The event introduces a new control area game mode with unique Kiba loadouts and fast respawns, creating a fast-paced and action-packed event.

This Rainbow Six Siege event also brings with it the Rengoku Collection, which contains uniforms, headgear, weapon skins, and Operator Card Portraits for the Rengoku competitors. It also introduces the Battlefield Spirit Bundle which includes a signature weapon skin, a universal attachment skin, charm, and background.

The Rengoku Collection packs can be obtained by completing the special Event Challenges or purchasing them for 300 R6 Credits, or 12500 Renown each. The individual Bundles may also be bought directly for 1680 R6 Credits each.

Rainbow Six Siege Rengoku Event

About Rainbow Six Siege Rengoku Event

Set in Japan, Rengoku unveils a temple in the sky and a fight for eternity, where Operators are Samurai warriors possessed by spirits for the honor of the gods in a revisited Skyscraper map.

In the 5v5 control mode, players must stay near altars for five seconds unopposed to score control points or steal control points from the opposing team – the first team to reach 300 points wins the match. Every two minutes, the control points will change location.

Operators will wield a one-hit kill explosive Kiba on top of shotguns and pistols. Fuze, Osa, Rook, and Thunderbird can choose between a Fire or Poison Kiba, while Twitch, Capitao, Zofia, Kapkan, Bandit, and Maestro can choose between the Flashbang or Knockback Kiba to unleash the ultimate chaos.

Watch the gameplay trailer here

Rainbow Six Siege is now available on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC (via Ubisoft+ and Steam). For more information on the event, check the event’s main website.

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