Top 5 Upcoming Games for April 2016

We’re already going in the second quarter of 2016 and here are some of the games we are looking forward to this coming April.

Hotaru no Nikki (PC)

Hotaru no Nikki

Stylized as htoL#NiQ, Hotaru no Nikki follows the story of a girl who found herself deep in the ruins of a desolate world without no memories of what happened. She finds company with a firefly who helps her reach the surface while avoiding traps and monsters long the way. Hotaru no Nikki was already released for the PS Vita almost two years ago and it will now be released for the PC.

Dark Souls 3 (PC/PS4/XBox One)

Dark Souls 3

The fourth installment of the Souls series is set for a worldwide release this April 12th. Dark Souls 3 will focus more on the role-playing aspect and players can expect improvements in movement fluidity and game play.

Alienation (PS4)


Alienation puts players in the middle of an alien invasion with nothing but heavy, alien-blasting firepower and company. The game has a co-op feature which lets players do tactical maneuvers to outsmart the hordes of aliens and gain strategic advantage against the enemy. Alienation will be out on the PS4 on April 26th.

Quantum Break (XBox One/PC)

Quantum Break

An exclusive of the XBox One and for Windows 10, Quantum Break will finally be released this April 5th. The story revolves around a science experiment gone wrong which brought time anomalies and gave the main protagonist and antagonist time manipulation powers. Quantum Break will get its break on April 5th.

Star Fox Zero (WiiU)

Star Fox Zero


A Nintendo classic gets another installment which will be out on April 22 worldwide. It is said that Star Fox Zero is neither a prequel nor a sequel to its predecessors but it will still follow the same shooter gameplay. The game is also bundled with Star Fox Guard which is a tower defense game.

Do you have a certain game that you’re also looking forward, too? Let us know in the comments!

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