Top 10 WWE 2K23 Superstars

The best Superstars to play in WWE 2k23

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WWE Superstars have been one of the most iconic characters to watch in the ring, especially in WWE 2K23. Recently, the ratings of each superstar were revealed in a live stream event on UpUpDownDown’s Youtube channel, and fans, including the WWE wrestlers, were astounded by the ratings given to them.

With that said, read ahead as we list down below the top 10 wrestlers that players should try out in WWE 2K23:

Roman Reigns

  • Rating: 99

Currently, the undisputed WWE Champion is at the head of the table. For over 2 years, he has become dominant in the ring and has faced the toughest opponents in the ring in various stipulations. Moreover, his charisma, heritage, credibility, and strength make him a top-tier guy to follow and control.

Finn Balor

  • Rating: 87

Finn Balor has done it all in the WWE universe. He became one of the longest holders of the NXT title, the first Universal Champion, and won the Intercontinental Championship belt. In 2022. Last year, he recently joined Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley’s faction, the Judgement Day, and tempted Dominik Mysterio to betray his father. His rivalry with Edge has become one of the most talked about storylines, and players have a chance to decide how to end it.

John Cena

  • Ratings: 94

WWE 2K23 celebrates the greatest matches of John Cena. From his debut against Kurt Angle to winning his first WWE Championship match to becoming a legend among the roster, Players will love playing as Cena, for he has done what all legends have done: become iconic.

Becky Lynch

  • Rating: 86

The Man, Becky Lynch, is not only the best female competitor to play in WWE 2k23, but she is the highest-rated WWE female wrestler on the roster. Her overwhelming attitude and badass wrestling style have made her a dominant figure in the women’s division of the WWE roster.


  • Rating: 94

As the daughter of the Nature Boy, Ric Flair, Charlotte Flair is known as the Queen of the Ring and has won multiple championships in the Women’s Division, including the Women’s Royal Rumble. Her career is sure to land her as one of the next WWE Hall of Fame candidates, with her family legacy and all.

Rey Mysterio

  • Rating: 86

Last year, Rey Mysterio was featured as the man behind WWE 2K22. From his beginnings in ECW to WCW to WWE, this masked luchador has done it all and still has the moves to show how much of an underdog he is in the ring. He has faced many great wrestlers such as Brock Lesnar, John Cena, The Undertaker, and many more, thus making him a wrestler worth trying out in WWE 2K23.


  • Rating: 93

At the Royal Rumble 2020 event, Edge made his stunning return to the ring after suffering a terrible injury that forced him to retire a few years ago. Currently, he is engaged in a rivalry with his former Judgment Day members and is now on a warpath to bring down the heat on them. Aside from his current situation, he has won the Royal Rumble twice, headlined Wrestlemania many times, and won multiple championships in his career.

Sami Zayn

  • Rating: 84

Sami Zayn’s career has just skyrocketed after his dilemma with the Bloodline. Fans such as myself are loving Sami’s gimmick and are hoping to see him win the big time as WWE champion and let him compete in the Royal Rumble of next year soon. In WWE 2K23, it is possible for Sami to win, and players can achieve what Sami can do.


  • Rating: 89

The current Intercontinental Champion and In-Ring General has made himself big on the main roster as he leads Imperium to greater heights and has set a world record by lasting in the Royal Rumble longer than anyone who started as the first entry to the rumble. This has been the result of his rigorous training, technical skills, and brutal strength in the ring, thus making him an ideal superstar to use.

Cody Rhodes

  • Rating: 91

The prodigal son has returned to WWE and is now going to headline soon at Wrestlemania against Roman Reigns for the WWE Undisputed Championship. Since his return, he has been active inside and outside of the ring. He had a set of great storylines, and his ambition to win it for the Rhodes family is what makes him a perfect wrestler to use in WWE 2k23.

And that’s our guide featuring the top 10 WWE superstars that players should use in WWE 2K23. Feel free to check out our other WWE 2k23-related articles as well.

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