Turrican Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Anthology Collection


Game developer Factor 5 and publisher Strictly Limited Games announced the Turrican, a complete compilation of the classic action series – now on modern platforms.

The original team from Factor 5 and Strictly Limited Games partnered together to develop an anthology that includes all titles from the franchise featuring some new information and secrets from the extras packed in.

The classic series comes with a selection of filters and borders to customize the experience. Additionally included is the fabled and long-lost Super Turrican Director’s Cut, which features all the cut content reinstated, as well as the brand new Score Attack version. The legendary music can now be enjoyed in two ways: In-game, the player can choose between the original chiptune soundtracks or the new arranged versions by composer Chris Huelsbeck. 

Turrican Anthology Vol. 1

  • Turrican (Amiga)
  • Turrican 2 (Amiga)
  • Super Turrican (SNES)
  • Super Turrican Director’s Cut (SNES)
  • Mega Turrican Score Attack (MD/GEN)

Turrican Anthology Vol. 2

  • Turrican 3 (Amiga)
  • Mega Turrican (MD/GEN)
  • Mega Turrican Director’s Cut (MD/GEN)
  • Super Turrican 2 (SNES)
  • Super Turrican 1 Score Attack (SNES)

Nintendo Switch Editions are each limited to 3500 copies worldwide, while the PlayStation 4 Editions are limited to 2000 copies each worldwide.

The Turrican Collector’s Edition and the Turrican Ultra Collector’s Edition encompass the two Turrican Anthologies and include lots of great extras.

Source: Press Release

Check out the trailer here: