Ubisoft to Launch Ubisoft Connect Next Week

Game company Ubisoft is planning to launch a new platform for all of their games called Ubisoft Connect.

This new hub will launch next week, October 29. It will unify and improve the loyalty program Ubisoft Club and the Desktop App Uplay across all other platforms. Its aim is to offer the best environment for all players to enjoy their games and connect with each other on whatever device they have.

All of the Ubisoft live games and new releases will support its services and loyalty program.

For the old games, players will be able to access Ubisoft Connect services like stats, leaderboard, Smart Intel, but the challenge system will be inactive. To compensate for that, Ubisoft has decided to offer all of the rewards available to these games. They are offering more than 1000 Rewards for free to enjoy. The transition from Uplay/Ubisoft Club to Ubisoft Connect will not impact with the current accounts of the players. Everybody gets to keep their data like profile, stats, level, XP, and more.

There will be a new loyalty system but will still be compatible with units and XP. PC players will still have the PC launcher with all of the games they have.

Source: Official Website

Check out the launch trailer here: