Ubisoft Got ‘Laughed At’ for Proposal of Mergers Leaker Claims

Leaker claims the company is "too unwieldy".

A new rumor claims that Ubisoft has been trying to propose mergers and acquisitions to many gaming companies but they were only “laughed at”.

This new information comes from well-known leaker and personality Jeff Grubb who claims that Ubisoft has been trying to set up various mergers and acquisitions from left to right, but failed miserably. All of their efforts until now have failed and it seems like they are just being “laughed at” by the gaming industry.

Grubb claims that the publisher of popular franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry is just simply “too unwieldy”. He also said that its strength was its distributed development structure, but that has become a burden and has changed to a more centralized, unified production setup.

This new rumor came after the recent news about Ubisoft’s stock price plummeting quite badly after its announcement of canceling three unannounced games and revealing the most disappointing sales of its latest titles. The game company is now going through a hard time and will have to power through all this in order to survive.