Ubisoft+ Possibly Getting New Platforms Soon with Current Sightings

Could this be a new era for the subscription service?


A new sighting online might have revealed Ubisoft’s plans for its Ubisoft+ subscription service on other platforms.

Way back in 2019, Ubisoft+, initially, Uplay Plus got introduced on PC. It offered access to all of Ubisoft’s popular titles and even gave exclusivity to members to day-one releases. Unfortunately, this only stayed on PC and has never crossed the bridge to the PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles. This might change now with this new discovery found online.

According to Twitter account TrueAchievements, it revealed it has recently discovered multiple games on the Microsoft Store getting updates. It did not specify which titles had got their details changed, but it was obvious that these were from Ubisoft. It was revealed that these updates included a special Ubisoft+ tag. That could only mean one thing and that could be the subscription service could be coming to consoles soon.

No word yet if PlayStation will get the same treatment, but if this sighting could prove Xbox can get the service, no doubt Sony Interactive Entertainment will get into the action too. PlayStation would want that service to entice more players. Nintendo could also get the service, but it seems they are not that keen on getting subscription services from other companies so less chances there.


To clarify, Ubisoft, Nintendo, Xbox, or PlayStation have not made any official statements to confirm or deny these new rumors. We’ll just wait for the official announcement to drop later on.