Ubisoft+ Rumored to Join Xbox Game Pass in 2021


According to rumors, the subscription service Ubisoft+ will be joining Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass sometime next year.

Xbox Game Pass

After subscription service EA Play joined Microsoft’s own service, this made the latter’s popularity soar high. This made its players willing to pay for the monthly fee since they could get both services for only one price. Now rumor has it that Ubisoft’s own subscription service will be joining too. This was originally known as Uplay+ in the past, but the game company changed it recently.

Twitter user Idle Sloth posted a list of top 10 biggest rumors about Xbox and this was one of those rumors. It revealed that it would join Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass sometime in the Holiday 2021.

If true, this could be a great move for Ubisoft since it would increase the chances for more players to try out their services too. EA Play proved this to be a good incentive for them.

Still, take this with a grain of salt. No official statement from Ubisoft to confirm this as of yet.