Ubisoft Goal To Reach 5 Billion Players In A Decade: Yves Guillemot

ubisoft logo e3 2018

Ubisoft founder and CEO Yves Guillemot speaks his mind about the main goal of their game company: to reach 5 billion players in a decade. He also talks about the post-console future.

Ubisoft goal in a decade

Guillemot explains during an E3 fan Q&A his expectations on the post-console future would look like. He clarified that maybe the next cycle of consoles will happen, but there will not be another one after that. The gaming company dreams of a technology that will allow them to stream their video games to TVs, tablets, and mobile phones in the future. As a result, this might give them an opportunity to get 2.5 billion players in five years and maybe 5 billion players in a decade.

Using a large number of servers

The CEO stated that the other thing the game company would have is to use big farms of servers to create games that they could not dream of developing before. He said that these games will be very alive, responsive to everything the players would do, remember what they have done, and predict their needs.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 and other games

Guillemot talked about different subjects as well like what he thought about Beyond Good and Evil 2. He thought that the development team has the capacity to create the best game on the planet. He wants them to take their time because they might make the best game ever done.

The founder also acknowledged that a lot of the gamers really like the Splinter Cell brand. They do not have something to announce at the moment though.

On the topic of their partnership with Nintendo, Guillemot said that it is very strong because they have done many things together in the past. Their creators are inspired by Nintendo’s capacity to create fantastic games and when they collaborate with them, they are really happy to do so.

Check out the E3 2018 Q&A video below:

Source: Official YouTube Channel