Unrecord Trailer Becomes Popular After Debate on Authenticity

It's not real. It's a video game. Keep calm.

A new photorealistic first-person shooter titled Unrecord got a new trailer uploaded recently and fans are already debating about its authenticity.

The trailer was two minutes long and had photorealistic visuals that fooled a lot of its viewers the first time. The footage features the short gameplay of Unrecord, which is being developed by French indie studio Drama. It shows the “bodycam footage” of a police officer who enters an abandoned building and engages criminals by shooting them down with his gun.

Co-Director and Programmer Alexandre Spindler was the one to post this on his Twitter account just recently. Even though he has been on Twitter for only less than 20 hours, his post has already gotten more or less 40 million views with 150,000 likes and 20,000 retweets and still growing. There is also a YouTube version of the video and it now has 210,000 views and 6,400 likes.

The video has now sparked debates online. Some are now questioning if the footage is actually in-game and some are saying that the hyper-realistic visuals combined with the theme of cops raiding criminals might be just stepping a bit too far.

Unrecord is planned for Steam and is now available to wishlist. No release date yet.

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