The Walking Dead: A New Frontier’s Game Engine has Improved, More Details of the new Season

Telltale Games has shown us their upcoming The Walking Dead season, A New Frontier. The trailer that was shown in The Game Awards 2016 earlier showcased smooth movement animations from the characters is a big improvement. With their ongoing Batman season that still used an old Telltale engine version makes The Walking Dead: A New Frontier a huge step up for Telltale Games’ upcoming titles – the upcoming Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

We hope to see lesser graphical and animation bugs with their new game engine version of Telltale Tool.

The Walking Dead Season 3 – A New Frontier will have its season debut this December 20th with Episode 1: Ties That Bind split into two (Ep. 1 – Part 1 and Ep. 1 – Part 2) since according to Telltale Games’ CEO, Kevin Bruner, that the season premiere is “a little bit too big to fit into one episode”. And that this season you’ll be controlling a different character, it’s not Clementine now.

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