Warframe Gets New Chapter Called The Sacrifice On PC In June

Warframe wake up tenno

Game developer Digital Extremes recently revealed that their free-to-play video game Warframe will get a new chapter called The Sacrifice for this month.

Warframe The Sacrifice trailer revealed

The Sacrifice’s trailer features a voiceover from The Lotus that urges Tenno to wake up. Other voices resound like the Elder Queen, and Hunhow. Ballas ends it all with a barrage of voices with the last line: Forgive me.

The next screen reads Prepare, Tenno with a list of all the already released content. The Sacrifice chapter will have the players to complete the Apostasy Prologue Quest first. The upcoming chapter will be launched on PC this month with the consoles at a later time.

The trailer also provides players with a code to unlock a free Orokin Tea Set Decoration for their Orbiter. This will also unlock a 3-Day Affinity Booster. They can unlock this until July 20 and the promo code is OLDFRIEND.

Check out The Sacrifice trailer below:

Source: Official Website

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