AT&T Decides to Call Off Warner Bros Sale

AT&T has reportedly called off the sale of Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment after so much news about it.

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According to Bloomberg, sources say that AT&T’s reason for calling off the sale was because WBIE was too valuable. It will still stay part of its family even though it has still its issues of its huge debt. Or maybe the company is already starting to pay it off slowly and called the sale off because of that as well.

The last report about an internal staff email was revealed weeks ago about WarnerMedia’s CEO saying that it will stay as a part of the Studios and Networks group. It seems to confirm this new report.

A few months ago, several big game companies were interested in buying WBIE or hinting to it anyway. One of those was Microsoft, but has not given any more statements about it lately so it seems to confirm this as well.

Source: Bloomberg