Wasteland 3 Players Can Easily Revert Multiplayers Saves to Singleplayer and Vice Versa

Wasteland 3

The Wasteland series has always been one of the best strategic RPGs to play for single-player gameplay, but now the upcoming title, Wasteland 3 is trying out a new feature: multiplayer.

InXile Lead Designer David Rogers recently discussed with Stack about how multiplayer works and its saves.

According to Rogers, multiplayer will create a new way to enjoy this game with friends. It will allow them to share and collaborate on missions with them. They can easily solve problems as a team and learn from each other’s mistakes so that they can improve on them on the next missions.

The lead designer revealed that they first made the single player campaign with a lot of effort and then added the multiplayer to make the experience new this time around. Multiplayer will make players depend on their Ranger’s unique skills that they chose.

In order for multiplayer to work though, InXile made sure that the game saves can seamlessly revert from multiplayer to single player and vice versa. Here is how Roger explains it:

We’re also taking special care to make sure that single player saves and multiplayer saves are identical. Any game can become a multiplayer game and then revert back to a single player game. You could log on with a friend so he can show you how to get past a certain section and then you can play solo again, or two players could take a multi-player game and then split it off into two single player games to explore different endings.

Players will be able to help a friend when they get into trouble in certain areas and just join their mission at that time. They can also gain experience and maybe loot as well when they leave that session.

Wasteland 3 will launch on Aug. 28 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Interview source: STACK

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