Watch Dogs: Legion Online Multiplayer Will Launch Early 2021

Game company Ubisoft has recently revealed in a new post that video game Watch Dogs: Legion will get its online mode early 2021.

Ubisoft reported that the development team is currently focusing on testing the Online experience to ensure a smooth and polished launch. The latest title update is version 2.4 and has fixed tons of issues for the single player mode, and this time it is the online aspect that they will focus on.

The schedule for its release together with a Title Update is early 2021. With the upcoming update, it will unlock the online feature of the game and will allow up to four players to explore near-future London. Players will be able to play missions together, tackle first Tactical Op and engage in their first PvP Mode, Spiderbot Arena.

After launching online mode and hopefully making it stable, the developers are looking into other game modes, new playable content, and surprises for the fans. More details on the exact launch date of the Online Mode of the game and story DLCs in the new year.

Watch Dogs: Legion is now available on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Source: Official Website