We Happy Few’s Launch Has Been Delayed Again

We have seen so many delays last year and even this year especially with Ys VIII for PC, and this time, Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few is getting the same treatment. The game was slated to launch in April of this year, but it has been delayed to Summer 2018.

According to the update posted by the studio, they want more time to polish the game after Compulsion Games’ went into a “thorough” review of We Happy Few from start to finish. Another big note to add is that they are offering refunds to people who purchased the game. May it be because of the price increase or regardless of the time played in the game. They have disabled the option to buy the game on Steam until the game’s launch date is closer.

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The game takes place in Wellington Wells, a city located in the south west of England in 1964. In 1933, this world deviated from our own, and the Germans successfully invaded and occupied England during World War 2. Most of England is rubble, as is a fair part of Wellington Wells. However, during the Occupation, the Wellies all had to do A Very Bad Thing. To calm their anguish and guilt ­and forget what they’d done ­the Wellies invented Joy, the miracle happiness drug.[/alert]

We Happy Few will launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC this Summer 2018.PS4 release is also in development and will be available alongside the Xbox One and PC releases this Summer.

Source: Compulsion Games’ Official Website