Whatcha Playin'? Wednesdays

Hello and welcome to Whatcha Playin’? Wednesdays, where we share with our dear audience, you guys, our “play” list for the week. I apologize for the delay. I just experienced a minor instance of what people call a “senior moment”. Still, we got to play new games and we’ll be playing a lot more.

Keith’s still busy with his shipgirls, apparently:

Lately I’ve been preoccupied with Kantai Collection’s Spring event. After a quick break to recuperate my resources, I once again resumed to brave the risky seas. After much chagrin with the RNG constantly screwing me over, I finally got my efforts rewarded when I get the second out of the two Italian battleships in game as a boss drop. Victory sure does taste sweet.”

My gaming week is kinda rad, if I do say so myself:

Inside My Radio is a must play game, you guys! Definitely a 10/10 (except the final rating I gave was just below that, but still). I had fun playing it and went through my review of it in a breeze. Also, I’ve been playing Punfound on my phone while on break at work and it’s quite punny, so to speak. And, I’m quite excited for this week because I’ll be playing Endless Legend up until the weekend. I had the chance to play through the tutorial last night and I say, it looks promising. Will let you guys know how it fares through my review on Sunday, ayt?” 

How about you? How was your gaming week? Share yours on the comments section below and we might be able to feature it on the next Whatcha Playin’? Wednesdays!