Where to Find and Defeat Hulks in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 Where to find and defeat Hulks Featured Image

Automatons may be the new kid on the block when it comes to waging galactic war, and they are already proving to be quite the thorn in the side of Super Earth. Their sudden appearance shortly after the Terminids broke containment is subject to much speculation. But one thing is clear, their legion of stormtrooper robots and, totally not 40K Dreadnaughts, Hulks are a clear and dangerous threat.

In this guide, I’ll tell you where you start encountering the Hulk variants in Helldivers 2 and what you can do to easily defeat them. And yes, they are stronger than Devastators in every way possible.

You will start encountering the Hulk enemy type as soon as you start going on Rank 4 [Challenging] missions. When you take up missions in this rank, there is a chance that you’ll get Elimination missions in which you take down no less than two Hulks on the same map. In other missions, they come in via drop ship when a Raider lights a flare.

There are currently three variants of Hulks present in this stage of the galactic war:

  • Hulk Bruiser
  • Hulk Obliterator
  • Hulk Scorcher

The first variant I’m going to talk about is the Hulk Bruiser. This is the variant you will encounter most often out on the battlefield. They are equipped with two high-powered assault rifles. You will generally be safe behind cover during an engagement.

The second is the Hulk Obliterator. This one fashions a pair of rocket pods on its shoulders. For some reason, it has thicker armor compared to the Bruiser. You do not want to be anywhere near the direction its rockets are aimed at as the splash damage will be painful.

The Hulk Scorcher is the third variant on the list. It is different from the other two variants wherein it carries a chainsword in one arm and a flamer on the other. Needless to say, you do not want to be anywhere close to this or face a quick death by burning.

How to Defeat Hulks in Helldivers 2

Before I go over how to effectively defeat all three variants, I will first go over some general rules regarding Hulks and how they function on the battlefield. Think of Hulks as buffed-up versions of Devastators. They have thicker armor all around and their head and arms are not vulnerable to small arms fire.

Because they are far larger than the Devastators, they are not as mobile as them and cannot chase a retreating Helldiver over long distances. Their purpose is to drain the team’s resources to the point that they will not be able to respond to the lesser threats surrounding them. They are also more than capable of slaughtering a Helldiver that is caught out in the open, this goes especially for the Hulk Scorcher.

All Hulk variants share one weakness: a cooling system that’s vulnerable to attack from explosives and light armor-penetrating weapons. That should be where most of your attacks should be focused on. If you do not have a clear shot on their backs, you can always call down an Orbital Strike or have a 500 KG bomb be dropped right on top of them.

This part of the article talks about the tactics you can employ against each of the Hulk variants. It will also cover habits the Hulks tend to do during engagements.

The Hulk Bruiser tends to close the gap between it and its target, despite its supposed sluggishness. Don’t underestimate its twin rifle loadout. It does a surprising amount of damage in a short amount of time. If you turn a wrong corner and see a Bruiser baring down on you, use the Railgun to destroy both its arms ASAP. A disarmed Bruiser is far more manageable to kite around. If you manage to see it from a distance before it notices you, shoot the backpack to deal critical amounts of damage.

Hulk Obliterators tend to stand their ground compared to the other two. This has more to do with its role as a fire support platform. If you see it start to hunker down in place, it’s a clear sign that it’s getting ready to launch a volley at whatever cover the team is hiding behind. For some reason, this variant has more armor protecting it. If you see them on the battlefield, do not hesitate to call for an Orbital Laser to burn through its thick armor. The backpack too is somewhat weak to armor-piercing weaponry.

The Hulk Scorcher has got to be the most terrifying one out of them. Sure, the Obliterator can kill you instantly but there’s something primal about the feeling of dread as a flamethrower roasts you alive. The Scorcher tends to obsess with a single target, even going so far as slightly ignoring other members of the team. Its persistent nature makes its backpack an easy target. Provided you stay far enough from the flames. Do not bother with cover. It will burn you out of it in no time.

And to close things out, what do you do when you’ve run out of stratagems against a Hulk? Do you just run away and hope the Hulk Buster leaves you be? No. That would be cowardly in the eyes of Super Earth. A tactical retreat is a better-sounding term.

The first thing you need to do is get some high ground. Ideally, someplace that allows for a clear vision of the Hulk’s movements. You’ll then want to bring out impact grenades and throw them as close to the Hulk’s back as possible. The blast does a considerable amount of damage to the Hulk. In some cases, you can even kill one with all four grenades. The other delayed grenades can work too but they often run the risk of rolling down hills before they can deal full damage.

And that’s everything I’ve got for this Hulk guide for Helldivers 2. If you’re wondering if can use an autocannon on a Hulk, I’d say it’s more effective against the backpack’s weak spot than anything else. You certainly don’t want to use it on the Hulk’s frontal armor. That would be a pointless sacrifice waiting to happen.