Which Platform Will Win The Crown This Year? PS4, Xbox One or, Nintendo Switch?

It’s 2018 and it ushers a new year into gaming. While it looks like PlayStation won last year with the slew of high caliber games that came out, it is yet to be seen if that will still be the case this year. The three gaming giants have taken all gloves off for a fighting match for the ages as they throw punches here and there to reign superior to each other this year. Let’s look at what each has to offer us this year.

First up is PlayStation. There is no question that PlayStation’s strength lies in its games. With the successful launch of the remaster for Shadow of the Colossus which garnered rave reviews from critics and even got the coveted 10/10 score from our very own Editor-in-Chief Lex, Sony is just beginning. In the horizon, we see the launch of much-awaited games like Death Stranding, Detroit: Become Human, God of War, Ni No Kuni II, Days Gone, Spider-Man and so much more. The list goes on and on and I cannot wait in anticipation as each of these games come out.

There have also been rumors that this might be the year that Sony will announce their latest console but as it is just a rumor, we’re gonna have to take it lightly with a grain of salt. I also think it’s too early for Sony to be releasing a new console but seeing how the demands of higher quality gaming have been rising it may not be far off in the distance. But there’s no doubt that PlayStation 4 has been the most popular console, selling about 70 million consoles in the past few years. The greater exclusive games come out, the more likely those numbers will spike up so much more.

PlayStation VR has also been updated and there’s still so much potential for it to grow. With Resident Evil 7 last year being hailed as the best VR game, it revolutionized what it means to go into Virtual Reality and PSVR helped realize that. Hopefully, we get to see more of the PSVR’s potential this year.

Next up is Xbox. With the release of Xbox One X, there is no doubt that Microsoft has launched the most powerful console ever created. With the move of acquiring PUBG exclusively for a year. They became the first ever console to join the world’s most popular online multiplayer game. They have also announced a slew of other multiplayer games that will look great on the Xbox One X. But will it stand out to compete with Playstation’s AAA offerings? Because what will you do with a console so powerful if you can’t even play the games you need to play. Hopefully, we get to see more announcements this year especially at E3. I really want to know how Xbox can stand out. Sure it’s where a lot of people play online but I can’t believe that they would say people no longer want Single-player games. Just look at the most successful games of last year in Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona 5, Super Mario Odyssey, and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

In a surprising move, Xbox also announced that they are no longer continuing production on Xbox Kinect. Maybe they are planning their own VR headset to compete with the PSVR but all we can do is wait and see what they have planned ahead. They have been hush-hush about their projects lately but they promised big things for the players. Hopefully, they can deliver on those promises.

And finally the Switch. First off, Nintendo has planned to release a few of the Wii U game favorites on the Switch like Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2. A lot of the third-party game companies have also signed up to make ports of their popular games to the Switch. This could really provide a big boost to the console and could entice people to actually switch to the Switch.

Nintendo also announced that they will be launching their online service this year. But instead of it being a free service, it will be like having a PlayStation Plus subscription where you get access to a library of free classic games.

It has also been announced that they will be releasing a core Pokemon game this year finally bringing the once handheld game into the mainstream console. I can’t wait for this to happen and this might be the only thing that could finally urge me to play on the Switch.

Lastly, Nintendo Switch announced the upcoming Nintendo Labo kits. A plethora of creative and interactive kits of cardboards that syncs with the Nintendo Switch. It takes interactiveness to a whole new level which allows players to craft, play, and live out their wildest fantasies in each kit. Each kit has its own unique experience and no single experience is the same. If this doesn’t pique the creative artist in you, I don’t really know what will.

In conclusion, it remains to be seen which of these gaming giants will reign as a champion this year as each of them brings something different to the table. May it be first party exclusive games, powerful consoles or even creative products. There’s something for everybody. But my bet is on PlayStation just like they won my heart last year, I doubt that anything else will change my mind.