Wild Hearts Reveal Trailer Shows Tons of Gameplay

Monsters fused with nature, serrated katanas, and more!

EA Originals and Koei Tecmo’s Omega Force have finally revealed Wild Hearts reveal trailer and it shows a LOT of gameplay.

Wild Hearts Reveal Trailer Kemono Details

This new game is highly inspired by the popular Monster Hunter series. Based on the trailer, it will be set in feudal Japan and will feature hunters that will battle creatures called the Kemono. These are monsters but they look beautiful with the flora and fauna fused into them. They even look like creatures from nature.

Kemono Showcase

The first creature featured is a giant boar with large tusks attacking one of the hunters in a field of flowers. It can also grow vines for long ranged attacks. Another creature looks like a rat with its face somehow corrupted with red magic and fused with flowers. The next creature is too dark to see but it looks like a phoenix from its shape. There is also a giant squirrel that looks to be almost fused with vines. An awesome grey wolf with icy plants fused with it was also shown, howling to the sky.

Hunters Invention

The hunters have an interesting ability that could create wooden gadgets instantly. The first tool is a wooden copter that allowed a hunter to glide in the air before diving down to its prey. Another gadget is a tower that was created instantly and turned into a giant hammer that seems to stun the target.

Unique Katana and Bow

The swords are also unique. Instead of regular katanas, it seems the blades can transform and have serrated edges for sharper attacks. There is also another weapon to use, a bow and arrow. No other type of melee weapons was shown though, but there could be more details in the coming weeks.

Based on the video, the game is largely inspired by Monster Hunter where players could cooperate with others to take down large enemies in one mission.

When can we Play Wild Hearts and Which Platforms is it On?

Wild Hearts will launch on February 17, 2023. No mention of platforms yet, but it could be for PC and new-gen consoles. Here’s hoping for more details in the near future!