Wild Hearts Tsukuyomi Content Update Now Available

The Specter of the Eclipse haunts the land of Azuma!

EA has recently released the new Wild Hearts Tsukuyomi content update.

Wild Hearts Tsukuyomi Content Update Released

The latest Wild Hearts update introduces new content titled Tsukuyomi. It has now thrust the land of Azuma into darkness. Tsukuyomi is also the name of the new Kemono that has arrived in the lands of Azuma and has a different diet: feeding on the rays of sunlight to fuel its attacks. There are new weapons and armor sets that can be forged if players are successful in defeating the new Kemono.

The latest update introduces four new Serial Hunt quests that exclusively feature Mighty and Volatile Kemono and will surely test the brave hunters up for the challenge.

Tsukuyomi, the Specter of the Eclipse

The Tsukuyomi, as mentioned above, is a light-devouring kimono and has appeared at Fyufusagi Fort. It has earned the moniker Specter of the Eclipse because it does not eat the Celestial Thread but on rays of sunlight. It then uses it as its power for attacking.

If the Tsukuyomi starts charging up emerging, players will need to stun it with the use of Pounder, Firework, or similar Karakuri. Then strike as it tries to resume its energy build-up again. Just remember that it is super resilient to physical strikes.

Four Serial Hunt Quests

There are four new Serial Hunt quests that got added to the Side Stories section of the Map. These four new quests exclusively feature Might and Volatile Kemono. Serial Hunts forces players to hunt a gauntlet of Kemono, each within a set period of time. Players can quickly gather in between hunts, but they will not be able to draw from healing water wells.

Successfully taking down a target to get rewards and with more downed targets, the reward gets increased. Fail in at any stage of the hunt and it will result in no reward. They can end the hunt early to salvage rewards already earned to be safe.

Wild Hearts is now available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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