Will State of Decay 2 Be Another Microsoft Letdown?

Keeping up with Mircosoft’s track record, they haven’t exactly given us anything that would make us like them any more than we already do (Which I assume isn’t all that much for most people). One of their latest and most ambitious titles, Sea of Thieves, had everyone excited at first, but then people quickly realized that they had a bare-bones game after only a couple of hours of playtime; and they hyped this game since its initial development!

And come this month of May, we’re expected to receive State of Decay 2, the sequel to the ever-popular State of Decay. It’s pretty much a zombie shooter but unlike Left 4 Dead or Dead Island, you’re playing from a third-person perspective, it’s an open world title, and it focuses heavily on stealth, gathering finite resources, and more strategic ways of taking down zombies rather than diving head first into combat. While it’s a very refreshing take on the genre, one can only hope that the sequel has more improvements rather than regression.

As mentioned, the first game was already a success and it innovated the genre in ways people didn’t think possible. While the sequel provides us with 4 player co-op (a feature that every fan wanted) and a better take on the RPG elements, what worries me is that it may be just a bit too much like its predecessor. It’s stated that the State of Decay 2 cranks up all the features and mechanics that the previous game had to offer, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be better; one can always have too much of a good thing and get bored of it just as quickly.

I’m not saying that the game is going to be awful, it’s just better to proceed with caution whenever Microsoft plans on releasing another major title. While the developer of the first game, Undead Labs, did provide us with something fascinating, time will only tell if their latest project is going to be just as much of a big hit, or if it’s going to be another disappointment that Microsoft can add to their collection.

I will give it this though, the game’s price of $29.99 is a really good deal and that’s one of the many reasons as to why people would consider getting this game and see how much fun it actually is. So get ready for the apocalypse yet again when it’s released on May 22, and let’s hope that we won’t feel like our brains are getting chewed on by an actual zombie once we all start seeing for ourselves how it fares on the fun factor.