Wo Long and Lies of P Collaboration Event Announced

New content coming to both games soon!

Koei Tecmo and Neowiz have announced that Wo Long and Lies of P will be collaborating together in Wo Long and Lies of P.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty had recently launched this year and based on the reception, the feedback from the players and review sites was quite good. It features the story of various historical individuals from China’s Romance of the Three Kingdom’s story with the addition of monsters and demons added in. The Lies of P, on the other hand, already got great reviews based on the recently released playable demo. It is one of the most anticipated titles to launch later this year.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Partners Up with Demon Slkayer

According to the Twitter post, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty will be getting collaboration content with the upcoming video game Lies of P. It is speculated that both games will be getting collaboration content for each. Wo Long will be getting content from Lies of P while the latter will be getting the same treatment with Wo Long. No word yet as why they chose this moment, but based on the reception from all major countries, many players will be visiting these games with the new content.

Lies of P Collaborates with Lies of P

Based on the reactions from fans of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, they are quite excited for these new collaboration DLCs and what they might offer for fans to discover. No official reveal yet on the nature of these collaboration DLCs, but fans are working it out.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty launched on March 3, 2023. Lies of P launches on September 19, 2023.