Xbox 20/20 To Feature Monthly Xbox, Xbox Series X Updates Starting This Week

Game company Microsoft recently announced that the new event Xbox 20/20 will feature monthly updates for Xbox and Xbox Series X information.

Xbox 20/20 features monthly info on upcoming details

The monthly updates provided by Inside Xbox will be dubbed the updates Xbox 20/20. Microsoft will start providing everyone with the much needed info about the upcoming new generation console and other systems in this week’s upcoming episode. This will also happen for the rest of the year.

What is exciting about this series of episodes the news on games, next-gen gaming, and what’s next for the Xbox Series X. It will also feature the Xbox Game Studios, Xbox Game Pass, and Project xCloud.

Interested to join the Xbox 20/20 event on May 7 can tune-in on the official channels of Xbox on Mixer, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The last platform will enable 4K streaming.

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