Xbox Game Pass Now 15 Million Subscribers Strong

Xbox Game Pass

Game company Microsoft has announced that the subscription service Xbox Game Pass has gained 15 million subscribers right now.

Xbox Game Pass

The subscription service has gained over 5 million new members since April. This is a new record for its subscribers since the increase is a 50 percent increase.

Due to its great service for its fans and interested customers, Microsoft has gained more and will dish out more benefits for its subscribers later on. It is getting more difficult for casual gamers to resist this service especially with the availability of game launches, cloud streaming with no fees, and with EA.

Now that Microsoft has acquired Bethesda just recently and for sure that its games will now be available for subscribers, it will be more enticing for those who are still on the fence. Playing Fallout titles, Prey, Doom, and other popular Bethesda titles for a cheap monthly fee of $9 for regular subscription while $15 for Ultimate, that is quite the advantage.

Source: The Verge