Xbox Game Pass Made Billions of Dollars Last Year

Last year was still in the middle of the pandemic.

Xbox Game Pass

A new report has revealed the great profits Microsoft received due to the Xbox Game Pass in 2021.

This new report was filed recently by Brazil’s Administrative Council for Economic Defense which revealed how much the Xbox Game Pass has made in 2021. It went quite well last year, so well in fact that it went over a billion. Almost 3 billion actually and that comes from a subscription service for the consoles and PC from Xbox.

The report revealed Microsoft’s transactions in order to approve the Activision acquisition. The Xbox Game Pass profits alone makes up about 18 percent of Xbox’s total revenue last year. Software and hardware are being taken into account in this new report, but it was pointed out that the Xbox Game Pass subscription service also plays a big part in terms of a source of revenue for them.

It was revealed that the Xbox Game Pass has accrued almost three billion dollars in 2021 alone, which means the total profits are actually huge. Remember, that almost three billion dollars are just 18 percent of the total amount. Since it was in the middle of the pandemic, nay the height of it, many Xbox players have benefitted from the subscription service. This in turn gave Microsoft a huge profit in 2021.