Microsoft Believes Xbox Game Pass Feature Shared Library Makes People More Sociable

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Head of Gaming Services Ben Decker shared with media outlet Games Radar the reason Xbox Game Pass’ Shared Library has made more people more sociable.

xbox game pass

According to Decker, a shared library gives players a chance to share gameplay with their friends and family with multiplayer gaming. In a recent research, 60 percent of the 2000+ players in the UK play multiplayer games once a week with that number increasing for Game Pass members. 12 percent of that number are more likely to play multiplayer games online and also with friends and family.

Decker says that data is particularly gratifying after 12 months of stay at home orders. “That shared library has really meant a lot to people, particularly in the last year-plus, and that showed up in the research as well. Game Pass members are about 20% more likely to play with friends and family once a week, and Ultimate members have three times the number of connections in the Xbox community that non-members do.” 

The Xbox head also stated that once players become members of Xbox Game Pass, they discover how rewarding gaming can be with their family and friends. It helps them stay connected with people who are halfway across the country or even all the way on the other side of the world. He thinks that once they discover that, they will continue to subscribe for the service. They have discovered its true value and will become a more central aspect of people’s gaming lives.

Interview source: Games Radar