Xbox Games with Gold April 2022 Free Games Rumors and Predictions

Here are rumors and predictions for the next free games.

It is that time again where Xbox Games with Gold April 2022 free games will be announced officially soon, but there are rumors and predictions out there that could give everyone some hope of what is to come.

Most of the free games introduced recently for Xbox Games with Gold were not that interesting. They were added to Xbox Game Pass instead where all of the good games are available now. Hopefully, there would be some good free games to get with this subscriptions service as well.

Xbox Games with Gold April 2022 Free Games Rumors

There have been no rumors lurking on the internet recently and most of them are all about Xbox Game Pass. There are a lot of games that get announced to be added to Xbox Game Pass on day one, so everyone is more excited about that. So unfortunately, no leaks or rumors about the April 2022 lineup.

Any Predictions on Free Games?

Gift Cars

Last year had titles that were not that particularly interesting like Vikings Wolves of Midgard and Truck Racing Championship. They are good games, but not popular enough to make fans hope for hot titles next month. Racing games are quite popular right now though, which means Forza or any other racing games. Forza would make sense since they are quite popular and have made a lot of money through the years. It would make sense a previous Forza title would be offered.

The Crew 2

The Crew 2 would be a good selection as well. It is an open-world racer, players going off-road, race on land, air, sea, and more. Also, it already has tons of content since launch so now would be a good time to add it to the lineup.

As for the other titles, indie games would make sense in order to gain more players to play their games.

We will just have to wait for the official announcement on Xbox Wire.

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