Xbox March Update Adds New Function Allowing to Toggle Xbox Series X/S Features

Microsoft recently detailed what the Xbox March Firmware update offers for owners of the consoles especially the Xbox Series X/S.

The upcoming new firmware update will be launching on March 16 and it will bring a new change for Xbox Series X/S. While the announcement post on Xbox Wire had other details about the next update, these two new settings were the most outstanding ones.

Last month, the dev team announced that there will be more backward compatible games that will play better with FPS boost. However, they want to offer options for their players which is why they are adding new toggles for the FPS Boost and Auto HDR.

Players will be able to access these settings on the manage settings menu. They can choose their compatibility options and toggle on or off the Auto HDR and FPS Boost to suit their liking. They will then have to restart the game in order for these settings to be applied when it launches. Microsoft notes that not all games will have these settings.

These settings and other changes to the Xbox consoles will be available on March 16.

Source: Xbox Wire