Microsoft Reveals New White Special Edition Controller Xbox One Sport

Xbox One Sport White Controller

Game company Microsoft recently revealed a new special edition controller for the Xbox One. It looks sleek and clean to look at.

Microsoft reveals Xbox One Sport White

The new controller that Microsoft unveiled was the Xbox One Sport White Special Edition controller. This is the first new controller for their Sports series. It has a white finish with mint green accents, which was actually inspired by recent trends in athletics and sports apparel.

Aside from the new awesome controller, Microsoft also revealed a brand new Xbox One Pro Charging Stand. It shares the same color scheme as the new Xbox One controller. The two items go hand-in-hand with one another due to its color scheme.

The Xbox One Pro Charging Stand can be bought at Microsoft Stores and online retailers on Aug. 7 for only $49.99. The Xbox One Sport White controller can also be bought in Microsoft Stores and online retailers in the United States and Canada starting on July 31 for only $69.99. Other countries around the world will get the controller on Aug. 7.

Source: Xbox Wire