Xbox One X Exclusives Might Be Possible As Microsoft ‘Empowers’ Devs For Their Choices

Microsoft’s Xbox One X is a big leap for this mid-generation upgrade from the original Xbox One and even for the Xbox One S. Hardware wise, it has 40% more processing power and 6 teraflops of graphics power with 12GB GDDR5 additional memory. Now, it came into mind about the possibility of Xbox One X exclusives.

Microsoft has reiterated a lot of times that whatever the Xbox One X will get, it will be released to the original Xbox One. But it seems that this might not be the case.

According to Microsoft’s Corporate Vice-President of their Gaming Division, Mike Ybarra, that decision “depends” on the developers; and that they want to “empower” the developers to make the choices. However, Mike is somewhat trying to answer the question from VG247 in different directions.

While he emphasize that they want to “empower” the developers for the choices, he still adds a statement that the game will have to run on both the Xbox One X and the original Xbox One. In which there is no definite answer to the question aside from “depends” and “empower the developers to make the decision”.

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I think largely we want to empower the developer to make the choices for themselves. There will be a premise of look, games have to run on both. Of course X is going to have better visuals, maybe a higher frame rate… It’s up to the developer. It depends on what they want to do. But in general if I go buy a copy of Game X from the store I can plug it into X, I can plug it into S and I’ll have a great time with that.[/alert]

Mike also explains that they approach it as a family of devices; and even if the consumers expect big differences between both systems, he wants to keep the consistency across all versions.

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Well, there’s a fine line here. First, we approach it as a family of devices. When you approach it like that, there’s a consistency level, an expectation that if you’re on S or X, that must be met. Now, if I’m on an X and I bring up or load a game, it’s going to be faster because the overall system is so much faster than an S. So you’re going to have that difference that exists. If I was to launch Sea of Thieves, it’ll load faster on the X than the S. Consumers will expect that – they’ll see, they’ll feel that difference. But from a look and feel I want to keep this as consistent as possible across those devices.[/alert]

Xbox One X will launch worldwide on November 7.

Source: VG247